Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We thought we'd have lots of new experiences moving to India......

but a personal invitation to a fashion show was not one of them!!
Can you picture Simon and me with a "bevy of the city's fashionistas and socialites" (Bangalore Times) - I bet you can't!!

My vocabulary is no way as imaginative or flowery, nor am I such a fashion connoisseur as that of the paparazzi - so beware lots of quotes following!

But we were there.....witnessing a "showcase of the transformation of urbanism brought on by an ever-changing world" (from the invitation).

The evening was sponsored by Chivas, the whiskey makers. The complimentary cocktails were you guessed it...a shot of Chivas with every conceivable mixer and given exotic names. Whiskey and grapefruit juice with aforementioned fruit disintegrating in it.......actually tasted pretty good!!

Deepika Govind, Bangalore's "fiesty and spirited" (Bangalore Times) fashion designer put on a great show.  Even tho' some of the clothes could never be worn by folks of normal dimensions without looking ridiculous, the colors and fabrics were beautiful. The models were gorgeous, tho' by western standards were definitely "healthy" and perhaps a little meaty - no skin tauntly covering jutting out bones here! Deepika, although a forefront designer, uses fabrics and patterns to marry the traditional weaving skills and fabrics of times gone by with the styles and images of today. Therein lies a message. As India changes at such  speed with the advances of technology and the invasion of the West she must not loose the traditions and values which make her the rich, wonderful, vibrant country she is.

I won't even try to describe the clothes - "The collection salutes the spirit of the dreamer, the adventurer and the spirited! It’s about women – valiant, dauntless, inexorable, notable and nonconformist, a daredevil of sorts and inimitably stylish" 

The whole evening was " an eclectic amalgamation of fashion, art, mixology, gourmet food and music which offers a unique experience that integrates art and luxury". Mixology is apparently the art of making cocktails (I had to google!) The music was performed by an incredibly cool violinist. It's always great to hear classical instruments jumping out of the orchestra and taking the floor on their own and showing they still belong in this "ever changing world". But the art, this poor guy - in a sort of unflattering pair of nylon looking female 1950's pajama's with a huge amount of kohl round his eyes trying to look concentrated and interesting moving/dancing in an expressive exaggerated manner on a podium in the midst of the bar area. He looked as if he was taking himself exceptionally seriously ...but unfortunately I couldn't!

It was a really good evening - a new experience, one we never expected!


  1. More pictures of the show, if possible, please!

  2. You are so incredibly funny, Helen!

  3. Sounds like a great night. Hello from another Californian in Bangalore (only here for a few weeks).