Saturday, July 6, 2013

All they need is some grass and a ball..............

be it in Bath, London or wherever! As long as the kids can find an open space, a soccer ball and in the little guy's case maybe a cricket bat and ball all is well with the world! The house we rented in Bath this year, as in previous years, was selected in part to be as close as possible to my Dad's pad, the center of Bath and a park!

Luckily the weather was kinder to us this year than last. I couldn't go so far as to say it was hot or even very warm but the wet stuff was pretty minimal. My Dad, now over 80, although not so stable on his pins knows his cricket and was all too happy to instruct Wills on the finer points of the reverse sweep and can still bowl spinners of all descriptions, tho his run up to the crease has now fallen by the wayside.

Add to the mix a variety of paper gliders, which like kites, never fly so well as promised on the packing....

Then there is always the dreaded mini-golf. For me mini-golf ranks with bowling and croquet (yep - I did have to play that too) as one of my least favorite pass times but my kids and Dad seem to find some very hidden pleasures and delights in the activity, so 5 rounds scattered through out time in Bath it was.

My Dad trying to extricate himself and ball from the rough of the 18th hole added a little excitement to the proceedings. Competitive edge still there at four-score plus!!

A spot of extended family croquet I think was the final use of the parks of Bath for the Towers this year! 

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