Sunday, September 22, 2013

India Night 2013........the before.....

India Night 2013 – The before…………

Someone said to me during India Night this year that the whole process had been a bit like a pregnancy and they weren’t far off!! We first started talking with, our hosts,  the Marriott back in February –so timing wise the analogy is pretty close. There was plenty of morning sickness and some pretty hefty contractions before India Night 2013 was pushed kicking and screaming into the world - well maybe not kicking and screaming more like drumming, dancing, laughing and the noise of 360 folks have a blast!!

As OWC, VP Fundraising Events, India Night is a big one.  It has been a huge learning process – however hard you plan and organize in advance there will still be the late additions to the silent auction (by late – I mean day of), the donations that weren’t quite as previously described and those that don't materialize at all! The meetings with “would be sponsors” who never quite manage to say yes or no, or if they are “in or out’!! The seemingly endless communications with potential donors who never actually donated…….. the stories I could tell ! Key attributes for this job – patience and a sense of humor!!!

We actually had 70 silent auction items, over 70 lucky dip winning vouchers, over 20 raffle prizes and over 10 goody bag items for each of 360 bags, all generously donated. As some items were grouped and amalgamated, that's nearly 200 prizes to be requested, received, reviewed………..One helluva lot of stuff!!!!

So I have to say a mega huge thanks to those who helped….those who fetched and carried, those who collated, cut, stuck and glued, those who offered common sense, creativity and their artistic talents, those who supported, listened and laughed, those amazing people I have met or got to know better, those who took time away from the party on the night, those I had neglected over the last few weeks (once the real labor pains kicked in!!)…………you all know who you are and I thank you all big time –without you guys there would have been no party and way more importantly no 12 lakh plus for our charities………..

When I left the scene early on the afternoon of the big day to go glam up I was reminded of that magical moment on Christmas Eve when everyone is in bed, except me and a glass of Baileys, the house is decked out, the gifts perfectly wrapped under the tree, stockings hung, time to remember the reasons for and the blessings which have enabled us to be where we are. Its the calm before the ………………….PARTY!!!

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  1. Hi Helen,
    I love, it its re living the day all over again. Right back at you you did an amazing job. Well done to you and your team.