Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pushkar - up the hill

This was after all a photography trip and in search of sunrise and the 'silhouette' shot we had a 4.30am 'rise and shine' call and a very strenuous uphill hike.

I have to admit tho' not necessarily feeling it the time it was an incredibly beautiful morning. The views as the sun crept over the hillsides were quite phenomenal.

The light was so soft until the sun came out to play in full force....

And the elusive silhouette shot...yep - i am maybe getting there (thanks to a couple of friendly models!!!) - tho putting this into action with the camels later was more successful.

Just to prove I was actually there - despite 3 days of tent living and early mornings having a rather strange effect on my hair.

After a most yummy cup of chai - the easy walk back down the hill for a very well deserved breakfast!

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  1. Very nice blog..glad to read this. Pictures are very nice..