Sunday, April 10, 2011

A New Twist on Snow White!

Will's school play was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - but instead of "who's the Fairest of us all", Indus went very p.c. and the Bad Queen's question in the mirror evolved to "who's the kindest of us all?"

It was determined Wills was too tall to be a dwarf (he towers above some of his Indian classmates), so he was a guard. Still not quite sure why Snow White had a couple of guards but Wills enjoyed it and did a good job. In fact the whole performance was very good (they'd been practicing daily for the passed month). The one practice I had seen, while at school one day, was such chaos I was expecting the worst, so was pleasantly surprised.

In a very un-Indian way the evening actually got ahead of schedule and some of the Dads (who were trying to avoid all the preliminary introductions, speeches and younger kids acts) missed the whole thing!

The evening ended with the school song and the Indian National Anthem - luckily there was a recorded version as I don't think many in the audience knew the words of either.

Ads doesn't have a school play or anything, about which he is relieved!

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