Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh to be in England, now that summer's here (or is summer there?)

Through the chunnel, which was quick and painless, across London, out the other side and we chug through the beautiful green, rolling, British country side into the wonderful limestone Georgian buildings of Bath. And yes the sun was shining!

I always enjoy my trips to the UK, reconnecting with family and long lasting (don't like to say "old" anymore!!) friends, from school, college and work. But this time was different, I wasn't coming from or returning to my longtime home (California) but from my temporary base, Bangalore, which I think made our visit all the more sweet.

It was great to see everyone, hopefully we will meet again in the not too distant and until that time keep in touch. There were chatty catch up lunches, lazy afternoons in Henrietta Park more chatting and sipping tea while the kids played, glasses of wine in the Garrick's Head, exploring new restaurants which have sprung up in my absence, time with family members talking into the early hours.........

Done cricket in India, so now county cricket in the UK. Essex v Somerset on a balmy summer evening, in the shadows of the golden stone of Bath Abbey, sipping a glass of Pimms. Life is good!
So, what can top cricket as a typically British activity - it has to be croquet!
We rented a small mews house in central Bath which was 40 yds from the rec. ground where the cricket took place but was also available for public use - a good place to take the kids for a run!! Everything is so convenient -walking to Waitrose, all the shops, pubs, restaurants etc. Tho' this is something I have missed since we first left Bath in 1997!

Highlight for the kids was probably the reunion with the British Jumps from California in Cadbury world. Chocolate and great friends..,.almost too sweet!!

We got to spend a lot of time with my Dad, glider flying, mini golf, cricket and board games amongst the favorites. Not to mention too many treats for the boys, teas and lunches. The weather remained kind until the last morning when it compensated and we got to Heathrow with soggy shoes!

I have to confess not being too excited at the prospect of returning to India having relished some of the western ways for a couple of weeks. But once we landed, reunited with husband and father, it all felt familiar and where we should be just now. The kids were glad to be back to their own space, their possessions and friends - specifically "brother from another mother" across the street!!

So we've just settled in and its time to prepare for the final summer trip, 2 weeks to Kerala. But this time a short flight and no time change so no jetlag....why does jetlag get worse with age!!!

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