Friday, July 22, 2011

Settled back in and what's the difference between a loan and an advance.

Recovery slowly from jetlag. There's only a 4 1/2 hour time difference from the UK, so I really don't understand why my body is being so slow in getting back to its normal sleep patterns.

The Europe trip is fading into the distance and we are conscious how the school vacation is at the tail end - but we are looking forward to 2 weeks in monsoon riddled Kerala as the finale!!

We knew we were definitely back in India yesterday when Simon had 3 requests for "advances"

Firstly from Simon's muscle manufacturer, or personal trainer, who as we are gone so much of the summer felt he needed paying for next month in advance. I didn't really understand the logic of this as he is already paid in advance and would never catch up. So, I'm thinking this maybe a loan in disguise. Anyway Simon said no, muscleman nodded, smiled and continued Simon's 4 time weekly torture session!

Then Shankar, our driver. Shankar was employed on the premise that, as we think he is well paid, we would not grant him any loans. When we employed him we were desperate for a driver so he was in the right place at the right time and we didn't negotiate over his salary request as much as we would have done otherwise. So, he asked for an advance of salary repayable over several months. Now, who are you kidding - this is a loan right?

Lastly Sweetie, apparently, not wanting to be left out requested that last months advance be deducted over several months salary. Again - this makes it a loan right? Also, she wants a raise. "But we have just started paying Vidya's school fees," I say "That's a raise". She looks at me: "But Ma'am that is different" How??????

We are open to helping Shankar and Sweetie when they need help, especially once they have been with us for a while. For example, we pay Sweetie's daughter's school fees and have paid for various medical bills. It's this feeling that they are trying to get one over us or think we are stupid that irritates and also, from their angle does not produce the desired result!!

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  1. I suppose that it is their job to ask and yours to say no. By giving them a loan you will be "enabling" them to live beyond their means. Also you will become both boss and money lender - not a good combo.
    On the other hand, I suppose there nothing wrong in giving them money on humanitarian grounds for emergencies and schooling and such. IMHO.