Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A "Normal" Weekend

As we had nothing special planned this weekend, I thought I'd compare a "normal " weekend here to what we may have been doing in the U.S.

We started off with taking poor Wills to the dentist for 2 teeth to be pulled. I guess a few differences here - firstly taking our shoes off and leaving them on the porch, and also I guess the fact the kid's dentist is open on a Saturday morning. The great thing about our dentist is we have his personal cell phone number and he answers it! Ads had a spot of tooth ache while we were in Kerala, I shot the dentist a text and within the hour I had a response as to what to give him. Wills was pretty stoic and we left the dentist smiling. My only concern was that Simon may have keeled over but he managed to stay standing!

Meanwhile Ads was left at home doing his homework. He definately gets more homework over the weekend than he did in the US. This weekend he is making a video and a brochure with some of his class room buds about Nuerons. He also has Math, Chem, Physics and English! Some of his homework arrives by and is returned by email to/from his teachers -so I guess all the kids in his class have email accounts. Even Wills has homework over the weekend, first grade has been quite a ramp up for him. The spellings have a couple of "challenge" words at the end - this weeks is "transportation." No way he's going to get that one right!!

I then leave for the  grocery store - Hypercity. Even in the nine months or so, we have been in India the western produce has increased and improved. Especially the cheese! However western food is way more expensive than the Indian options. Produce is a good price but is very seasonal which does mean it is fresher but I do feel as if I haven't seen a strawberry for a long time and the mangoes have gone until next year! They have now started charging for plastic bags, which I totally endorse, but as they charge so little I haven't yet seen many people bringing their own. The range of items on the shelves, especially with the western foods is pretty sporadic. Things appear and then disappear for a few weeks, usually just after the kids have got used to said item and decided its all they want to eat. What I do like is there is a small Waitrose franchise in the store. Except for visits to the UK, its been a long time since I could shop at Waitrose - however it is very overpriced so only for little treats!!

After lunch Simon and Wills, head off with another Dad to check out a local cricket academy. Wills and his bud here in vista are cricket obsessed and have been since April/May so its seems more than a passing fad. Wills comes back very excited, Simon not so, one session is Saturday evening, the other very early Sunday morning and as I am not yet entrusted with the car yet - Simon will have to drive!!! Wills will also will need full cricket kit, pads, helmet etc. So decision is pending.

Meanwhile I take Adam to have his hair cut. Adam and his hair are an ongoing saga at school. So we are keeping it short and as it grows like wildfire that means every 3 weeks we seem to be at the haircutters. Luckily its drop in and very close to home. When he has his hair cut I have a quick eye brow thread. Charge for both 88 rupees (yes thats $2!)

Wills is now out brandishing a light sabre with his bud and Adam playing on a computer game with "brother from another mother".

This evening we going round to a friends in vista for a drink and then to a french creperie for dinner.

So a "normal" Saturday - the difference is really only in the details!!!

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