Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nose Candy!

When I first told a friend about my nose piercing idea, I went into this long rationale about how I wanted it done to remind me of our time in India; how I felt we were and would be learning so much during our time here and how I wanted this 'mark' on my nose to remind me that we aren't the same people who had left the U.S. I think in life we learn so much when life is hard or we move out of our comfort zones but then how quickly we forget when the boat is once again sailing on smooth waters. The resolutions to spend more time as a family, to talk more, not to get back into the rat race, to appreciate all we have, to not forget those who have not.......fade all too rapidly. I will now have a constant reminder every time I look in the mirror.
However, said friend seemed to feel that maybe this was all a load of rubbish and I just wanted to do it because I thought it would look cute.

So whether it's my mid-life crisis, a way to break up the monotony of my rather long nose, an extremely late teenage rebellion, a distraction from my wrinkles, because it looks pretty (and I actually think it does!), or something more meaningful....I now have a pierced nose!!!

I said in my New Year blog some of my 2011/12 resolutions may surprise and maybe this one does!!

And no..........it didn't hurt!


  1. I like it! I got mine done a few months back for my birthday, and though I've had way too many experiences with infection and my nose rejecting the piercing, I'm glad I did it! However, when I got mine done, it hurt a lot, so I', glad it was less painful for you :) my advice is this--NEVER touch the piercing with your fingers. Try to avoid all contact with the piercing other than cleaning it and that sort of thing. Mine started rejecting the piercing and got this huge nasty bump next to the piercing because I touched it too much, so try not to touch it :)

  2. I like it too. For my mid-life crisis I got my belly pierced. I thought about the nose piercing too, but I think Marlin would have divorced me. He was really up for the belly piercing, but not anything on the face. That was eight years ago now!!

    What do the boys (big and small) think of it? My kids were quite small when I did it and they were a bit uncomfortable with the idea. Now Kristin wants *her* belly pierced. Dad is not so enthusiastic about it. Her cousin did it a year ago at 15. I think Dad is going to make her wait until 18 and he doesn't get a say. She will be 16 in November, so not much longer to wait.

  3. Beautiful! Love your blog! My husband and I will be traveling to Bangalore in November for 10 days. I've got a lot to learn... ;)