Saturday, June 2, 2012

British Birthday party......

what else but high tea!!

Scones, jam and clotted cream and Pimms.....need I go on!

Thanks to D, the birthday girl, this was an extravaganza of the best of British fair. How long is it since I have indulged in such wondrous mouthwatering food. The true British tea - high in taste, calories and all the wrong sorts of fats....but how yummy!!!

Cut scone in half, drop on a huge dollop of cream and a dab of jam (Fortnum's no less) and wash it down with a glass of Pimms. Heaven!
And the birthday cake - why a homemade victoria sponge, of course.
A bittersweet Happy Birthday to D. I'll be warming to this tune in the next few weeks. Ex-pat life is making friends and then bidding them farewell as they move homewards or onto pastures new! Miss them when they leave but in the meantime make the most...
Happy Birthday!!

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