Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where is the road!

When we moved into Vista the road out of the confines of the 'hood, beyond the security gate, to the main road was not perfect but it did exist, was sort of surfaced, sort of wide enough for one stream of traffic and a cow in each direction and not quite sufficiently potholed or speed bump adorned to leave one feeling seasick. However in the intervening 18 months it has been dug up for unfathomable reasons numerous times, many times in exactly the same spot as previous, and after each major surgery the scar tissue has got thicker and the width of viable road thinner.
Yep - this is the latest detour on the road home for both Simon and the school bus, not a cross country dirt track.
The process by which holes are dug, refilled and re-dug is very manual. Not your western construction workers with their builders bottoms hanging out from their jeans but ladies in saris with magnificent postures carry the dirt to and fro from its temporary resting places.
The dust, the dust, the dust....some try to keep it under control from their store fronts.....but face I think a loosing battle.
I sometimes think we should give up, buy an ATV and go out and have some fun when the traffic is light, but in the meantime its bump, bump, bumperty bump!!

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