Monday, July 16, 2012

A Glass Balloon

 Blog topic back to the UK, where it is still raining a month later - so I don't feel we were singled out for the wet and damp, but am feeling a little nervous for the Olympics. I'm not a big fan of the whole todo and really think it should go back to and stay in its homeland. Would also be a good boost for the Greek economy and the Euro. This year I think the Brits scored big with the Queens Jubilee and the Andy Murray Wimbledon performance on and off court, but the Olympics are not getting off to the best start. The 3,500 shortfall of private security men resulting in the army being drafted in for assistance, the buses taking the first loads of athletes to the village getting lost...not good signs. How long can we bluster through ....Boris Johnsons comments that the athletes 4 hours as oppose to 45 minutes bus ride enabled them to see some of our glorious country, took positive spin to a new level. Apparently the opening ceremony theme of "green and pleasant" involves a scene of British country life - rolling hills, cows and sheep (yes real ones) and families picnicking - set in the new olympic arena doesn't really sound an eye opener -but I reserve judgment...

Anyway while in Bath we elected to spend most of your time with family, especially Grandpa. As he edges into his eighth decade I am conscious that we should make most.

But one thing that Ads wanted to have a go at was glass blowing. Not as easy as it looks!! How a little knob of glass slowly with lots of skill and heat grows....

and is then shaped into something of beauty is not easily emulated!
Ads definitely got his glass to grow....
But into a thing of beauty...nah!!!
Just a big glass balloon which eventually shattered - but it was fun!

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