Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sri Lanka - Trincomalee - Beach bums!

Off to the beautiful beaches, the peace of the Chaaya Blu hotel which altho' full of people had an air of tranquility. The kids swam day and night! The beaches......speak for themselves.....

Passed the time, doing not a lot, just watching other busy at their trade.
Every afternoon these guys would spend a few hours hauling their nets in.
 They had a little ditty going that kept them in rhythm, the back man replacing the front man in rotation, as the nets pulled closer to shore. For a couple of hours they would be totally in step as they pulled and hauled. A few of them had a bit of Pirates of the Caribbean thing going but sadly no Captain Jack!
We ate in the candlelight in the beachside shacks - fresh calamari and shrimp. A little taste of paradise!
Ads and Simon worked up enough energy for a day snorkeling and were rewarded afterwards by delicious sea food, freshly caught.
In all, lazy, lazy, lazy!

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