Sunday, September 16, 2012

Glamorous and glorious, gorgeous and gaudy....Ganesh!

It's that time of year again. Ganesha in all shapes and sizes, the brighter and bigger..... the better. It's a show case of color, an expression of exuberance and enthusiasm, it's loud and it's brash........

Did I mention they could be larger than life.......

It all happens at pottery town, from the mud being kneaded by foot. This looked so squelchy and gooey, friend C and I could hardly restrain ourselves from ripping of our shoes and having a go!
The Ganesha are actually hollow, otherwise these big beasts would not be portable! The larger ones have a sort of framework inside and the smaller ones are just made in molds. Then Ganesherella is dressed for the ball. The spray painters were amazing. It was not like our attempts at home...when however much newspaper you cover the surrounding area and people with...the paint still escapes onto and into areas it shouldn't be. These guys could even spray paint within the lines!!!
Then comes the detailed work....

and finally the application of glitter and bling..

The attention to detail is incredible and some of the eyes are worth a closer look. They are quite beautiful.

 I wish I had this guys eye lashes!!!
And there we have it rows upon rows of Ganesha in all his short lived glory. Enjoy him for this week, until he meets his doom by drowning, but thats another blog!

 As Ganesh is by definition pretty fragile we did find the street of broken Ganesha, spare body parts and a couple of Ganesh doctors clagging them back together!

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