Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Paint-Balling Birthday Adam

So we have a teenager in our midst. And have had for a week. I can currently report that there have, as yet, been no discernible character changes for the worse!

His actual birthday meant no school uniform and he could go in civvies. It was actually a full formal uniform day so he scored, big time! For his family (plus brother from another mother from across the street who has an uncanny knack of appearing at feeding time!!) birthday cake, he elected pumpkin scones with candles on them. Pumpkin puree was brought back from the US on Simon's last visit. Thirteen candles (after a quick repair job on several which came out of the box broken) spelt out the words 'Happy Birthday'.

Party time was the following Saturday. Last year I didn't get to go to Adam's party as there wasn't sufficient room in the car and I wasn't going to go this year either. However Parunder, our driver, seemed to think I was being a bit feeble and yes, we could easily fit 10 folks in the Innova. After spending a prolonged period of time, bumping along the streets of Bangalore, squished under an ever growing Wills, while we picked up kids from hither and thither, I'm not sure it was such a good plan!

The actual paint balling didn't seem to involve me but watching it gave me a taster and I have since suggested it as an OWC activity. Not sure that it will fly with the ladies, but time will tell and if it does, I will be there!!

The boys plus Simon had a great time as Wills and I watched jealously on the sidelines!

We then had the cafe lunch provided and cake, this time shop bought. Anyway here we got Indian!! First Parunder told Adam that the first slices should be given to his parents and the very first to me!!! Then Ads got cake smeared:
He took it in good spirits. Only down side here was no-one had pre-warned Wills who thought this was the start of a glorious food fight and lobbed a piece of cake which luckily missed the intended, before the situation was explained -NO food fight!!

 And yes ..... Ads did get stuck with those re-ignighting candles, so it needed a team effort to blow them out.

It was a really good time, with a great group of boys. The kids both have made some truely wonderful friends over here.
Enough adrenalin to keep it exciting, but no injuries this year!
 And yes the birthday boy did get shot (orange paint on his mask!!) No prisoners even if it is your birthday!!


  1. Glad you are still having a great time down there..... we have been back just over a week from our 2 months hols...pity we did not cross..