Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Birthday BICF

For the last year or so we have been going to BICF (Bangalore International Christian Fellowship) church. It's been great to find a church here that all 4 of us are happy to attend regularly. Unlike a traditional church we don't have a pastor as such, but a lay pastoral committee who share the responsibilities and the preaching. This seems to bring a humility and connection that sometimes I have found missing in bigger and more traditional churches. Church meets in a hotel which is an easy (not many turns!!) and relatively short drive from home so Simon takes the wheel as is Purander's day off.

The congregation is literally from all corners of the world, for a variety of reasons finding a temporary home in Bangers. Downside of this is the word "temporary," I love meeting the new arrivals but am not so fond of the farewells!! This was BCIF 12th birthday and as last year we attended an away day celebration at a resort in north Bangalore. Both kids were involved in the action so there was no dropping out at the thought of the long drive. Even on an early Sunday morning there doesn't seem to be much of a reprieve in the number of, I was going to say vehicles, but that needs to be expanded to cover everything that travels on the Bangers road system.

As we turned off the main road heading to the airport, and started driving through the small villages the whole smell changes. It's possible to wind down the windows and breathe without inhaling large amounts of dust and pollution. Fresh air....a luxury!!

Wills and his contemporaries sang with gusto. Though having uploaded the songs on my phone so he could practice on route I felt I knew the words as well as they did!! Wills is back row, blue and white stripes.

Ads was part of the 'youth' ensemble which comprised a few teens and the college students who are a wonderfully lively group of mainly African students studying in Bangers. They are a lot of fun and really insert some rhythm and oomph into our worship sessions. The one who can play the recorder with his nose is a real cool dude in Will's eyes! They performed an excellent skit, that was both funny  and moving with a powerful message.  Such a good idea to have the teens perform with the 'youth' and not the little ones. Ads was representing hell and as such fully masked up so no pics (all taken by Wills as I was too far back and only had my phone with me) can be even remotely embarrassing for him!! He's the white mask on the left.

The afternoon was spent chatting, eating and and adults alike. I love to watch my kids interact in different scenarios, Wills taking an enthusiastic role in the little kid activities and Ads equally at home with adults, the youth and other teens. And I got to chat to and catch up with folks I too often just see in passing, meet the husbands of the wives I see regularly during the week, and generally have a peaceful day with this great group.....

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