Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween - Indian style!

Did I ever think we'd be having a really cool Halloween in way!! Did I ever think Halloween in India would be wet, wet, wet? No!!

But I was oh so wrong on both counts!

This is one thing to love about this country - they celebrate the Indian festivals with gusto but also are happy to celebrate other countries traditions with equal enthusiasm! Maybe Indians just like to party....especially if there is music and food!

Vista does not have a high proportion of resident Americans, where Halloween is unarguably celebrated with the most aplomb, although it is growing in Europe. But our resident yanks put on a Halloween party as good as I have ever seen and the haunted house in one of the Villa's was superb by American standards but to have got this together in India is above and beyond and superlatives!!!

Wills was Harry Potter - costumes picked up in the US this summer. After spending last Halloween on the overnight bus on route back from Goa I had to get back into his good books this year!! There were several Hermiones but no way was I going to be allowed to take his pic surrounded by girls - so I had to make do with him solo!

Ads, now too big to do the costume thing, was put to work running one of the games for the little kids. From bits and pieces we had deliberately and inadvertently brought from the US he put together the "throw the body parts into the cauldron" challenge

It wasn't only the little kids who had a go....Dads had a try, whether he won a candy or not, I'm not sure...
The party was complete with lots of games and crafts, can't trick or treat without a decorated bag to hold all that candy...unfortunately due to the rain, beautifully decorated bag was a ball of mush by the end of the evening.
And the evening wouldn't be complete without a good dose of sugar....both slurppies and candy floss firmly settled in the sub-continent!!!

As regards the haunted villa - everything that shouldn't move did and everything that should be breathing and moving didn't. It was both scary and fun....rock on to the dancing wear wolf.  In fact the sign above the door said it all!!!
In all congrats Adarsh Vista, it was a party and a half!!!

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