Monday, June 3, 2013

A day by the pool!

Our third Indus PYP swim meet. Deliberated whether to blog or not to blog about Wills getting a fist full of medals. Decided as sport is where he gets his moments of glory I would.

In support of Wills, I will say he seems pretty non-plused with victory and is always happy for those (or  in most races the one) who come in quicker and faster than him. He seems to think the winner takes all approach is fair as he doesn't get honors for either academics or angelic behavior at school so if he deserves it why not take it for sports.

So Wills my little frog......well done!!

On the podium with his buddies. Blonde Michael, who does have a bit of a Phelps thing going swept the board taking all the golds Wills got several silvers and a bronze.

Diving has come on since last year, with some pretty clean entries into the water.

 This is my fav pic of the day, nothing to do with swimming but listening to one of the Dads telling a boy joke (i.e. plenty of potty references!!)

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