Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Did Ads miss a mark of passage or did I?

Eighth grade graduation or promotion - not sure what the correct technical term is. What was Ads' middle school when we left the US has just held both a dance and a ceremony to celebrate the transition from Junior High to High School. Bit like a High School prom and graduation but slightly smaller scale. On Facebook I saw pictures of the decorated hall - (and ladies you did a great job), the kids, boys and girls, looking so grown up and so handsome/beautiful respectively, ready for what I'm sure was a night to remember. Then for the ceremony, all looking equally smart and very proud clutching their certificates in more pictures for the family album.

If we'd have been back in the US, we would have been there and Ads would have been in some of the group pics I have seen.

Here, at Indus, no such mark of passage. Ads moves from grade 8 to grade 9 with no festivities and minimal fuss. Next year his base camp/home room will I believe be in the same MYP block where he currently hangs out, altho' for some subjects he will walk over to the very big kids block. He will wear the same uniform, catch the same bus, have classes with most of the same friends and have the same haircut restrictions!! He is in the process of choosing his IGCSE subjects and is aware that life will academically get more serious from August. But on the whole not much change.

We looked at the pics of his friends ready for the junior prom and at their 8th grade graduation ceremony. Did he feel he had missed anything.....it appears not. Does he think progression to 9th grade and High School is a big deal.....apparently not.

For me, I will be the Mom of a high schooler, a kid who has maybe 4 years left at home, will be 14 in a few months, is about to take a second trip to another continent hans solo..........yes I think I missed a mark of passage!! Maybe I should stick up some balloons, throw my own smart party, and celebrate the transition.........but I think Ads would prefer just to hang with friends and pizza.

{As a side note - at Indus they do have a prom for high school graduation....and it is quite a do.......but this is soooooo Indus. First notification -  prom for the class of 2013 will follow a James Bond theme. Second notification  -  girls dress restrictions. Like any Bond girl has ever been modestly attired!!!}

So I will wait for the High School Graduation for the class of 2017 which I'm sure will come far too quickly!! In the meantime there are always the pics of Ads and Pranav from Kindergarten graduation!!

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