Sunday, March 13, 2011

And I thought I'd escaped..........

Cup cakes, goodie bags and my role as soccer/football Mom.....

Well, cupcakes have attacked twice already. We are talking about baking cup cakes in my toaster oven - so 10 at a time max!

First was for Wills birthday:
 I was specifically told I needed 29 cupcakes (25 kids, plus 3 teachers, plus maid). The teachers obviously want to make sure they don't miss out!! They sang Happy Birthday to Wills and it was much the same as it would have been in Mrs Gate's Kinder class at Graystone. When the teacher asked Wills what he wanted for his Birthday.... instead of asking for a big gift, he said he only wanted for the class to be quiet for a day. Apparently they tried but Wills said it hadn't made a difference! Now we are a month down the line, Wills voice has definitely got louder and his accent more piercing..seems to be a case of if you can't beat 'em..........
We also had the compulsory gift bags, full of junk, as in the US, to hand out!

Second cup cake attack was Valentines day (I have to confess I was happy that at least we didn't have to produce 25 Valentines cards and junk candy to Will's entire class) but in the 'hood there was a little Valentines fair at the clubhouse and I couldn't think of an excuse fast enough as to why I couldn't make cup cakes. So the toaster oven was back in multi-shift mode!!
Introducing the sales team of "Decorate your own Valentines Cup Cake", complete with imported sprinkles and neon pink frosting/icing (not sure what language I should be speaking these days!) It was a sell-out and Calvin, Ads, Pranav and Wills pooled the takings - not quite sure what happened to my share!
And yes, I am still a soccer/football Mom.......but have to confess I haven't been to a single practice to drop or pick and don't even know where it is! Football Moms can either send their drivers or as its a weekend thing, their husbands!! Now, that is a bit different!!
Wills is taking Karate but as he walk/bikes himself down to the clubhouse for his Saturday and Sunday early morning lessons, I can't really call myself a Karate Mom!!! I have not asked Sweetie to make the cupcakes or I truly will be redundant!!

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