Sunday, March 13, 2011

What costs more - a trip to the Doctors or Black Swan at the Movies?

After a week of weighing up whether leading a more peaceful life with restricted hearing and blocked ears was the way to go, I decided against and determined to summon the energy for a trip to the clinic. My first attempt was a disaster - clinic open from 8.00am to 8.00pm, so arriving at 2.00pm would seem reasonable. However, on walking into an empty waiting room and check in desk, I sensed something was amiss. "Yes Mam - the clinic is open .... but no doctor here until 5.00pm - at lunch"

So at the next available opportunity I decided to try again, after calling to confirm a doctor would be available. On arriving at the checkin one pays the consultancy fee of about $5.50 (less than my co-pay in the US!!) and takes a coupon with a number on it - a bit like the deli counter. I get to see the doctor - very quickly and efficiently and proceed to the pharmacy - same building - and get my prescription, antibiotics, eardrops, cough syrup and aspirin  - for the sum of $4.00.

So a total of less than 10 bucks and I'm hopefully on the return to full health and a noisier life.
Earlier last week, Shubha and I decide to take a day off (from what you may well ask....and I'm not going to answer...) to go and see Black Swan. However when we get to the Mall, and asked for our tickets we got referred to the smarter end of the movie theatre and at the end had to decide whether to go "Gold" (for 750 rupees) or bail. We decided to stump up and pay!!

We were greeted in the foyer with complimentary lime juice in a champagne class and escorted into the very small but plush theatre. The seats were like big leather lazee-boys and we were also given big granny shawls, wrapped in airplane plastic, to protect us against the cold or incase we needed a nap (who pays 750 to see a movie and then takes a nap!!)
We then got a menu to select our 150 rupees of free food, waiter service at the chair.  I guess a bit like traveling first class!!
Movie was great -was it enhanced by the comfort of our surroundings? - I'm not sure!!

So in answer to my initial question the doctor and medications came in cheaper than the movie visit...but did the doctor's visit do the trick ...too soon to tell!!

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