Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Accessorizing in the Monsoon Season!

Being a Brit, (or at least 1/2 British these days!!) and since it's monsoon season I have to devote at least one blog to rain! I'm not complaining about the rains - and I would go to Kerala again at this time of year. The sometimes dark and dank, the other-times fresh and heady smells, the vibrant lush shades of green, the feeling of life and growth. There was green growth on any flat and not so flat surface - the place is alive!!

And of course you can sing and dance in the rains -Wills and Deepu!
The obvious accessory this season is the umbrella:

We travelled to Kerala well prepared with gore tex, long pants etc. Totally unnecessary in the most part (except Munnar! -see later blog). The rains were short and very sharp, but not cold. So the best solution, wear shorts, tee-shirts and flip flops and carry the mandatory umbrella! It's humid so nothing dries very quickly except skin!! All you need is an umbrella, but life goes on, so you need to be able to function one handed:

Whatever form of transport you use!

And, of course, for those who need both their hands, the umbrella has been adapted and who said guys can't wear pink!

The women plucking tea leaves seemed to have found a more appropriate protection from  the elements:

What to do, if you get your spokes in a twist and have an umbrella mal-function, well you visit the umbrella walla:

In the periods when the rain stops, the earth is smelling fresh, one needs to hang up ones umbrella and kick back.............

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