Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bring on the Saffron, White and Green

Happy Independence Day India!

The two countries I have lived in outside the UK both have national holidays, parties and celebrations to mark evicting the British!! This is not good for my self-esteem!! 

Joking apart, Independence Day and the importance of freedom is definitely an occasion to mark. The Indian flag was hoisted by the club house here in Vista, the national anthem sung. I now know at least know the tune of Jana, Gana, Mana. "You are the ruler of the the minds of all the people, dispenser of India's destiny" Some kids then performed in honor of the freedom fighters and of course there was breakfast!!

The saffron on the flag stands for the indifference to material gains and dedication to their work the leaders of the nation should demonstrate. Obviously with the national anti-corruption campaigns this is pretty topical. The white in the center denotes light and truth and the green our relationship to the earth on which our life on earth depends. The wheel in the middle is the wheel of the law of dharma - the natural law - ones obligations, duties and callings. It also represent a spinning wheel which invokes Ghandi empowering personal freedom by giving people the skills to work and the concept of motion - there is death in staganation. I do like the theory of a lot of the Indian ideals and symbolism - maybe one day it will all translate into practise as well!

Although Monday was thus a national holiday, poor Adam had to go to school for the morning to celebrate Independence Day at school. However, he didn't seem to mind and the bus for once was on time. The yellow Indus school bus, 3B,  has been the source of much angst in the 2 weeks the kids have been back at school. The first new driver seemed unaware of what his clutch was for, or that he even had one for that matter! Second new driver seems unable to find his accelarator. Third new driver starts today!! As Simon is away I have been using the car to pick up the boys and make a daily visit to the bus overseers office at school to do my middle aged, menopausal, very angry act - but as yet to no avail. However it appears it is raining - yes it does rain in Bangalore and does every year but this year for some unexplainable reason it is having a huge effect on the bus! Oh, and the traffic is heavy - again like it wasn't last school year. Oh and of course there are road works and festivals - the reason why bus 3B can no longer run to time are endless!! The kids spend long enough on the bus when it does run efficiently so the Vista Indus moms are girding for action! So far collective emails, who knows what next!!

Enough of my ranting, back to the greatest freedom fighter of them all:
"You must be the change you want to see in the world"

And yes, I know I have used this quote before but  think in this day and age it is particularly pertinent.

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