Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Last Birthday

So we now have, all 4, had birthdays in Bangalore, with Adam bringing up the rear, Wills comes round again in 4 months. However this is about Ads....12 today! How did he get so tall, so grown-up and more to the point, where have the years gone? Happy Birthday Ads!

His choosen birthday party involved testosterone, violence and a whole lot fun - paint balling Indian style, which basically means no disclaimers to sign, lots of bruises and even a minor burn, and of course the paint stains don't come off - something I forgot to pass on to the other moms! I didn't go along and gave Shankar a quick camera lesson and I think he did admirably! There were 6 kids from 3 different schools and they got on really easily. Birthday parties have got so much easier - invites by text and e-mail, no co-ordinated themed paper plates and cups, and best of all no party favors to distribute. Funny thing was, this was the most American party Ads has had since he was maybe 6. His friends are a lot more diverse in San Jose than they are in Bangalore!!

This was the "A" team, Ads, Dads and "brother from another mother!"
Everyone had a great time, except for a few minor injuries. Ads thought it was the best time ever and is keen for a repeat!! However, except for the big yellow plastic obstacles these pictures look a tad too real for comfort. How come every male seems to inherently know how to stalk, be stealthy and shoot to splat!
Simon seems to have found a hidden sniper streak!
On Monday Ads can go to school in civvies  - no uniform, yeah!!,  luckily he misses a day in formals (read collared shirt, tie, belt and pants and the most disgusting school shoes and socks ever!) and takes in sweets/candies to give out to his friends on what seems to be a sort of ad hoc fashion.

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