Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grandparents Day at an International School?

If you were rating this for the number of Grandparents present, then not a great success! But for cuteness - high marks.

Not many of first grade at an "International" school have grandparents in state, in the country or even on the continent, so with minimal notice (typical Indus) there were very few grandparents there. Some kids like Wills had co-opted parents to be in attendance, some hadn't bothered.

Anyway I found out why Wills loves his Grandpa - because he gives him chocolate!! This was a big moment for Wills, he voluntarily took the mic to speak in front of his year and the parents, for him a big step forward!

These days Wills hardly ever wears civies - its all uniforms, 2 days a week at school its gym uniform (above), 3 days a week it's formals:
At the weekend it's cricket strip - blues not whites for training!!

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