Monday, October 17, 2011

India Night a la OWC

This was the biggie - the major fundraiser of the year for the OWC (Overseas Womens Club), my first as "treasurer in training." Grand plan is when the current treasurer heads back to the UK, muggins here steps in, in an official capacity!!

India Night was quite an extravaganza - big posh hotel, pre-dinner entertainment, free bar (as always a few over-enthusiastic supporters thereof!), raffles, silent auction, fashion show, dinner, bollywood dancers and dancing until the cinderella hour in Bangalore - midnight, surprisingly early for an international hub.

We sold nearly 300 tickets and most arrived attired in formal Indian dress, elaborate sari's for the gals and formal kurta with bling for the guys. All the sari's looked professionally wrapped and I didn't see any wardrobe malfunctions!!

I was attached to my clip board for most of the evening - managed a few glasses of wine but no food and worst of all no dancing!!! They say "you can go anywhere if you look serious and carry a clip board" but what they forget to add is that this bit of nondescript hardboard with it's metal clip also renders you invisible, much like when you deal with someone in uniform you deal with the office/position not the individual. Thus I think I became an extension of my clipboard for the evening not a gal at a party!

Amongst other activities, my date for the evening (my clip board) and I explored the bowels of the Hotel tracking down the photographer's printer, were berated by an enthusiastic supporter of the free booze for the lack of tonic to go with their gin and spent some cosy together time in the designated finance room safely removed from all the fun. However, most importantly we raised lots of dosh for the charities the OWC sponsors and after all that is what it is all about.

But maybe next year my clipboard and I will manage quick shimmy on the dance floor, or perhaps I'll even temporarily dump said partner in a dark corner and find a more interesting companion for a few illicit bollywood moves!!

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