Sunday, January 8, 2012

Disempowered and overwhelmed by a cupcake!

Well not any old cupcake but a specifically requested Star Wars cupcake!!

Wills turns seven tomorrow and we have a similar problem to the one we had at Christmas, there is nothing he wants for a gift - but he does want Star Wars cupcakes to take to school on Wednesday. As this is all my baby wants, I really don't want to disappoint him, especially as last year as we had recently arrived here he didn't really get either a party or a cake.

In the US, no problem - either go and ask Mr Safeway/Micheals/Party City etc. for the completed article or at least the frosting/decorations. Throw a batch of cup cakes together in my "recently remodelled beautiful kitchen", color some frosting, clag on the decorations and voila. No stress, easy peasy!

Having just returned from the US, where I had once again bid farewell to my "recently remodeled beautiful kitchen" and have now renewed my acquaintance with my toaster oven, I was feeling particularly pathetic and incapable when faced with this seemingly daunting task. However, with 48 hours to go this was not the time for feeble self pity, but time for action!

So I "googled". The results were incredibly scary. I found marzipan Yoda's, upside down cupcake Clones, realistic R2D2's, oreo/marshmallow tie-fighters, chocolate Chew Bacca's..... Some of which I could have managed if I had some idea where to find the ingredients......marshmallows, marzipan, unusual food colorings...... I had visions of me (and poor Shankar) spending the next few days on numerous wild goose chases through the street of Bangalore searching for elusive ingredients..... Not a happy sight.

However, then I remembered Lisa, Joan and Dawn - these brave fellow ex-pats, who have not been thwarted from producing their delicious home baked goods by indifferent culinary equipment or the difficulties to be overcome in finding key ingredients. I frequently drool over Dawn's blog "Moving for Mangoes" with pictures of her Bangalore baked delights and even managed to visit Lisa the morning after a Christmas cookie cook-out and reaped the benefits!! So I emailed and texted for help, in a rather un-Helen like panic - I'm blaming that at least on the jet lag!

I soon had a plan - the sort of simple plan that suits me best and having borrowed, been directed to the relevant store etc. put the following together, which I'm hoping is obviously a couple of light sabers! If anyone asks me what it is supposed to be - one of those cupcakes may end up somewhere it shouldn't!

 I thought the lego clones etc. may aid in the identification of the light sabers
 These little decorative light sabers were entirely my idea - I'm actually quite proud of them - sticks are from "Yan Yan" chocolate dip snacks (Hypercity) and then black and green colored frosting.

Now I just have to hope and pray they survive an hour long bumpity bump on the drive to Indus!

I have tried to conduct life here on an "if we can't find it easily forget it" basis. We are living in India, not the US/UK so be it, deal with it. But having just returned from 3 weeks in the US, and become re-accustomed to the conveniences of everyday life, or maybe it was just that beautiful little face asking for this one thing for his Birthday, I've had a temporary change of policy! Wills is also having a Birthday party - but that's a weeks or so off but please, please Wills just a bog standard cake with candles!!

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