Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You know you are back in India when......

- the airport is bustling at 4.00am, people are chatting, shooting the breeze and generally having a good time - it's the middle of the night for heavens sake!!

- there is plenty to see out of the car window on the way back from the airport, life is out there, the city never sleeps!

- car horns fill the night air.

- there is that smell, that is not good or bad, but is hard to describe and distinctly Indian.

- you are banished to passenger status after driving quite happily in the orderly traffic flows of the US.

- someone calls you "ma'am"

- arriving home, you lie in bed and hear that wailing, whining buzz which foretells that no matter how much you shroud yourself mummy style in your bed sheets you will awaken with several red wheals - my eternal enemy here in India...... the mosquito,

- I put my boots back in the attic before leaving the US and have now put my ankle chain back on - its sandal time, the window are open all night and it is WARM!!

- At 6.30pm as it starts to get dark I am texting the likely moms in the 'hood who may have seen Wills in the not too distant as its time to send him home. In the US I hardly saw Ads, here I hardly see Wills!

- I can hear Sweetie and Shankar talking as they make tea, the gardeners outside chatting, kids yelling as the cycle by (last day of the hols), drivers shooting the breeze as they eat lunch in the shade across the street, neighbors laughing as they take their daily constitutionals around the hood. The general hum of life is an integral part of existence here - windows open and the sounds of India permeate, a definite feeling of connection to the outside world.

- you are greeted on your return to the gym by "Ma'am, you have put on a little weight"

- power cuts and the click, click as the generator tries to connect in and then out again

- my morning cup of chai and my blog!

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