Monday, January 23, 2012

Seventh Birthday in India or the US?

Once I'd regrouped from the great cupcake debacle Wills' seventh birthday activities seemed pretty similar to those he may have had in the US. Differences only in the details.
The cupcakes survived the bumpy ride to Indus and Wills got to stand next to them as his class sang "Happy Birthday." Wills got to wear civies for the day and his Lionel Messi strip was his first choice.
Above are most of the kids in Class 1C, I think there are less than 20 in total. As you can see a mixture of nationalities - from French, Italian, Finnish and British on the European side, Thailand and Singapore and of course India from Aisa and then obviously the US!
Wills then got to hand out his cakes and I have to boast here - my home made cupcakes got a huge vote of approval from the kids!
 Cupcakes at school, could have been back in sunny California and so it was for his party  a week or so later. He choose to have it at a local sports warehouse where they have an outdoor sports field and an 'event host'. It was ideal really, the kids do their stuff while the parents can shop. Wills got to choose the sports they played - football/soccer and cricket.

Twelve plus kids running around for an hour and a half and the pizza (Domino's - it really could have been the US) went down quickly.
Big bro had a good time but took time to chill away from the little guys!
And then of course there was cake, much more professional looking than my cup cakes!!
The candles were blown out and that essentially was that - Happy Birthday Wills!

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