Friday, February 17, 2012

Ladies who lunch or was it laugh......

anyway .......these ladies laugh, laugh loud and laugh long!!!
I didn't have any pics which did justice to the sheer exuberant enthusiasm/or just plain rowdy racusness of the event or the yummy food so I have stuck with the handbag parking lot and even that was not my idea for an original pic but a borrowed one!

Anyway, this was seriously the noisiest (in the best possible way!) lunch affair I have ever been too. Give these ladies a few stiff drinks and I'm not sure I could have stood the pace!!

There were perhaps 20 of us, dressed from pretty summer dresses and heels to jeans, flats and flowing tops. This was the most beautiful house I have been in in India, so spacious, light and strangely tranquil even with this invasion of giggling gurlz!

We played some organized (well maybe that is to strong a word -tho' not for lack of trying!!) games including 2 trues and a lie. The statements ran from sporting achievements to the risqué and the totally outrageous. Mine were pretty boring.... so glad I went early on before the bar got too high (or should it have been low!?!?!?)

- My blog has over 20,000 page views (well that's quite bizarrely true!)
- I have a tattoo
- I once died my hair blue.

So which was my tatt!!

Anyway a great afternoon was had by all, huge thanks to my bff across the street for introducing me to these wild women, to our hostess - interior designer extroadinaire and chef of the most amazing trifle I have ever eaten (on a par with my Grandma's - and that is praise indeed!).........

My Indian friends in San Jose also have an incredible joie de vivre and can always find something to laugh about. So what gives these Indian lasses this high giggle factor - is it in their bones, an ability to take themselves and their lives less seriously and live in the moment....I have no idea but I want some!!!

Though saying that, I laughed till I cried with my tennis four, yesterday afternoon after a hard hitting set - which we won in a tie break (sorry had to put that in!!) over cold coffee, as my tennis partner regaled us with how she explained to a newbie to Bangalore how to use an Indian toilet - hilarious!!

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