Monday, February 6, 2012

The power it's supplying, it's electrifying .........

We are mid-mosquito season here. The little perishers that were relatively small, slow and stupid in January are now bigger, braver and bite (or whatever they do) with more ferocity and greed. That whirring, buzzing, droning sound in the middle of the night has graduated from being a "oh not again" roll over and go back to sleep, to a grab the sheets, mummify oneself and hope for the best.

Actually its not really that bad. I think they had their fill of me (were never so excited about Ads, Wills or Simon) last year and this year I only have the odd red raised splodge,  usually on my feet as they don't seem to like being shrouded in sheets at night and escape.
But the mossies are still nasty little critters and when I saw the chance to upgrade my flimsy fly swatter and choke inducing spray for the latest all-singing, all dancing anti-mosquito warfare I jumped at it....

And I have had such fun...when the mossies hit the net they sizzle and crack big time! I am getting my revenge. Instead of avoiding these little devils I have been stalking and baiting...another one bites the dust! I am sooooo getting in touch with my dark side - light saber to the the ready!

Not only does my new toy have a on/off switch, it has an incorporated flash light so I can hunt at night and..wait for it, it is rechargeable. When its electric powers fail to send my mossie friends twitching to their doom - I just plug it in and then, power restored, am ready for more.

So all you mossies out there, at villa 25 lives an automated killing machine - think 007, think Rambo, think Hanibal Lechter with a machete, Jekyll and's game on and I'm winning.

........And it only cost 180 rupees (that's about $4)


  1. too funny! Helen as a mass murderer! :-)

  2. Where did you buy it? I need one too, big time!!!!!

  3. I must get one too. If not for the protection but for the fun of it!