Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tailors have the eye!

As we all know, whatever your shape and size, sometimes you just can't find clothes to fit, or the things you like are just not in your size. In India not a problem! There are many, many incredibly talented tailors hard at work, tucked away in the little streets and alley ways.
I was out shopping with the bad influence across the street (lol), and saw a couple of tunics - one fit great, the other was a size too big but I bought it anyway and a trip to the tailor was in order. Sometimes you get great bargains of good US/UK brands which were maybe made in India but never made it back across the waters for sale.

Anyway Shubha and I headed for her favorite tailors near Commercial Street.  A tailor for making up designs and another for alterations.

The tailor who makes up designs is very impressive. Shubha arrives with a rough outline of what she wants and the requisite silks, he makes an even scratchier looking picture, takes a few measurements which he jots down in an unintelligible fashion and then drops the silks and sketches on a pile of other orders in a sort of random heap and we take our leave.
The evolution of the sari blouse is quite amazing - you can get the traditional but also ties and lacings, piping and borders, transparent overlays, built in support, halter necks, shorter bikini or a longer corset types....its quite a fashion item by itself!!
Next week Shubha will return and I can guarantee (as I have seen this process before) that she will collect a couple of beautiful blouses for her sari's which will fit like a glove and be beautifully finished and styled.

We then move on to the alteration tailor - down another little backstreet, in the back of an arcade and set up in a tiny little cubicle, with his assistant, both behind their sewing machines. For me, its relatively easy, I have taken in the tunic that fits so he has a template. Shubha, meanwhile who has been working out big time and is now very toned and trim needed a couple of pairs of jeans/pants taken in. Given how hard it is to get a pair of jeans to fit I find it a bit incongruous that hardly any measuring seems to be required. We are told to return in 30 mins - very dangerous, plenty of time to do some damage to the wallet! We return and alterations are done. We then have to go for fitting - as the tailor doesn't have a trial (fitting) room we are taken out of the little arcade and into a clothes shop where they have the tiniest changing room - not much room to wriggle out and in ones clothing- in the back.

My tunic fits a treat but to my amazement Shubha's pants fit so well - not too tight, but tight enough!, a perfect fit. Incredible given the scanty use of the tape measure. These tailors definitely have the eye!!

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  1. oooh! sounds like I need to go visit!