Thursday, March 22, 2012

Indus Day Performance

The kids have been practising since January, the later few weeks full time I think! Wills started in the choir, then progressed to the water dance as one of the girls needed a taller partner and lastly to Noah, as the first Noah either wanted to bale or was pushed and Wills stepped into his sandals.

Wills never really wanted to talk about his role, save telling me that in dance he had to roll his arms, which he didn't think was a particularly cool move, and his beard itched! He talked more about what his buddies were doing so I never fully engaged that this, admittedly in the small context of a 1st grade performance, was actually a big deal. 

As is customary at Indus performances, the Indus VIP (seated in huge arm chairs in the front few rows which look pretty incongruous on the sports field) give pretty good speeches but it's never really the time or the place.... One thing I did pick up on is 29 nationalities are represented at Indus which I guess does make it qualify as a truely International school!

As the younger kids (pre-school) presented a silent movie they had made, Charlie Chaplin style, focusing on the Indus values of love, respect, empathy and discipline which was actually pretty good, followed by a very cute but somewhat rather confusing ballet about Jelly Beans (sort of tele tubby style) and fairies, I was getting stressed about the huge audience, 4 TV screens onto which all was projected) and Wills.......

I crept up nearer the stage in order to get better pics and was amazed as he stepped confidently onto the stage! He looked totally confident and comfortable. This is the kid that a few years ago wouldn't even go on the soccer field!

Noah in various poses listening to God......
 Onto the ark and the rains come.....

The dove comes back with his olive leaf and the animals come off the ark.

Taking a bow and getting the pesky beard off!

And my fav pic!

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