Thursday, March 22, 2012

"To celebrate the Birthday of HM Queen Liz"

The British Deputy High Commission in Bangalore is fairly active and invites the British subjects resident in Bangalore to smart hotels with free food and booze to mark noteworthy British events.

When I received the envelope, resplendent with royal crest "to celebrate the birthday of Queen Elizabeth 11" and I found a couple of my Brit girl friends here in Bangers were also temporarily husbandless it sounded like an opportunity not to be missed. I remain a tad curious as to the March date. The Queen's birthdays are in April (natural) and June (official) - and this is March, but then Brit High Commission or not, this is also India!!

We turned up at the venue, very aptly on the Prince of Wales Gardens at The Taj West End, a little late and the formalities were under way. There must have been a couple of hundred guests, mainly Brits but also a few other nationalities - not quite sure how they slipped in!

The invite had clearly printed the dress code as 'lounge suit, office attire or national dress.' National dress I assumed was for the British Indians (not meaning morris dancing costumes). But as to most people's dress, I have to conclude the offices of Bangalore are awash with Brits in ball gowns and cocktail wear. I was feeling somewhat underdressed!

There was a tribute to the recently deceased King of Tonga. I had to have a delayed google here, not being up to speed on events in Tonga, and apparently King George Tupou V did pass away at the weekend and the Queen was suitably saddened. I couldn't find out much about him, save he used to drive round his country in a London Taxi cab. The speaker then talked about how delighted the Brits are to be so fortunate to have such a good relationship with India - a bit of a contrast from what I imagine was said on similar occasions 60 years ago!

Speeches over, good ole Brit pop songs blaring, champers and smoked salmon nibbles. Not a bad way to spend an evening. And Happy Birthday, your Majesty, even if it is next month!!

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  1. where's your picture then? how could you say you were underdressed.... lovely by the way..