Monday, March 19, 2012

Still trying to take a good photo!!

Like everything, the deeper you get into it, the more there seems to be to learn. Definitely true in the world of photography. I went on another photography course with Hema. I have so many pictures of Indian faces already, I tried to adhere to what she was talking about and to concentrate on details or abstracts.

We started in the Ghandi Bazaar with my favorite food, masala dosa and chai, our class a mixed bag of nationalities, camera experience and time to date in B'lore. We spent some time taking pics in the bazaar and them moved on to a couple of temples. At the end of the day we each upload 6 pics for Hema to critique. Mine will, maybe be some of these.

This was inside the Bull Temple. I thought this captured the calm and holy mood in the temple with the focus on the candle but also showed the money for a prayer and bindi business!.
No street in Bangers is complete without at least one coconut water seller.  It's supposed to be an acquired taste and I'm not there yet! But full of electrolytes on a hot day it's what you need. I love watching the guys with their knives slicing off the top of the coconut, never seen any blood to date!
 Onward and upward - the colors of this little girls dress against the stone.
The cool whites of the arches through to the little courtyard, parked up bike. An oasis in the chaos and noise of Bangalore.
Stray dogs - one of the many thousands in Bangalore that seem to sleep all day.... anywhere. I thought this one looked pretty comfortable with his head resting on the step, half in the shade, with a bit of color added by the old blue door.
Flower sellers and garlands abound in Ghandi Bazaar. This lady, her flowers matching her sari seemed to tell the story. But maybe the sari matches the flowers too well and you can't really see them!
This, to me, invokes typical India. It was a very hot day at mid-day, the parked bike, the slippers on the floor, the hint of the green door and a cool white stone house. Or maybe I was just feeling it was time for a rest!
This, I hope was maybe a slightly different view of the temple, using the sub roof to frame but also to imply height.

Trouble with photography is it's so easy to see what you want to see in a picture not what one can really see. Pictures I take mean something to me as they invoke some experience from my memory which probably doesn't work for anyone else!! Also, I'm now too far along memory lane to consider the technical content of said pic. Anyway it was a good day out. I won't tell you how many pics I took, or how many I have deleted! Looking back at those, I'll probably go back through and select another lot to submit for review!!

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