Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So cool!! - Zip Lining the Mehrangarh Fort - Rajasthan Part 4

This was almost too cool to be true!
The fort itself is pretty incredible - for a start it is huge, some of the walls are 36 metres tall and 21 metres thick, perched 400 feet above the city and in the glorious warm stone from the area.
The audio tour was impressive - enough tales of death and gore to keep the boys entertained!
But the highlight had to be the zip lines!! Six of them cris-crossing around the fort. It was exhilarating but not scary! Younger age limit was 10 but they let Wills do one - luckily or he would have been severely unhappy! All set up and ready for action! There was a mini training session and a trial run on a much smaller zip line. One of the guys running the show was a young english guy taking a gap year - you can guess what Adam is thinking!!
 Here goes Wills! This whole zip line idea is brilliant - brings a whole new dimension into viewing the fort without loosing, but magnifying the experience.
Have to have a pic of Simon in action too!
And incase you think I wimped out - No Way!!

We even lucked out as we were leaving the fort as to mark Lord Rama's birthday there was a typical Indian procession, complete with music, camels, color, crowds and celebration:
We even saw the current Maharaja of Jodphur taking tea to watch the festivities - but I thought it would be a little intrusive to take his pic!!


  1. Did you not try Helen? This sounds and looks pretty cool.

  2. zip lines were not there when i went to rajahastan in 97.... good reason to come back then...

  3. yeaa! there you go!