Thursday, April 19, 2012

Udaipur -The City of Lakes - Rajasthan Part 5 (and last!!)

View from our bed -not bad!!
This must be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which makes it a tourist destination and, as this is India, a back packer paradise! We stayed in the Jawaina Haveli where we overlooked the lake, had a huge room - ample for the four of us, our own balcony and were well looked after by the two brother manager/owners. Sport seems to be the universal language, and now the IPL season is underway (and as our visit was before the Rajasthani Royals had whopped our own Bangalore RBC), the boys could talk and watch cricket quite happily in the hotel lounge. Again this was an old family home converted into a hotel, the business kept in the family. This seems to be a winning formula! Staying here for three nights was perfect, long enough to get our bearings and find our favorite breakfast haunt (Cafe Namaste), the best, seriously the best, mango crumble (Cafe Eidleweis), and a great place for dinner - the roof top restaurant in our Haveli. As the Haveli was so central we could walk everywhere.

The ropeway was a quick five minute ride for amazing views of the city.

The best ways to appreciate the city seemed to be either gaining height or by boat. In the early mornings the ghats are busy with folks enjoying their ablutions. Here, even cleaning your teeth or washing your laundry can be a party!
I had many close up pics of people shaving and kids splashing, but they seemed a little obtrusive and intimate to post.
We could admire the palace both in the morning and by night. The Rajasthani dancing and musical show typified the colors, smiles and music that had been an integral part of our trip.

The boys (guess who was left back to pack and prepare for checkout?) went on an early morning horse ride through the out lying villages and into the countryside. This is when we find out Wills has apparently had a few horse riding lessons at school and seems to know what he's about on four legs!
During the mid-day heat the city slowed down  - siesta time, where ever, however!

As in our whole experience in India, its the little snippets we see of people's lives that put together build up a picture of incredible India, the holy man stopping for a fag!
 The school kids playing football:
These smiling kids, packed into a rick on the way home from school, ( they look too happy to be on their way)

The shoe repairer at work:

Or who could fail to love this old gummy, isn't he wonderful?

Returning home from Rajasthan - do I want to revisit Jodhpur and Udaipur? YES, Are there other places in Rajasthan I want to see? YES, YES, YES....this is why the 'to do' list gets longer instead of shorter...what to do?

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