Monday, April 30, 2012

Chillin', Swillin', Grillin' !! - or Beer in Bangers!!

The OWC organizes monthly restaurant trips and cooking demos to the best food stops in Bangers and altho' the food always sounds delicious, quite frankly the cooking side is usually out of my league - cord en bleu a chef I am not!! But grilling, now that sounded feasible and beer, that sounded good and as one of my best, but also busiest buddies in Bangers was also going, it seemed like a good opportunity to catch up.

The Biere Club has been open for nearly a year and brews it's own beer on site. Beer brewing, not a traditional Indian pastime, requires a lot of the raw materials to be imported. The barley and hops from Germany and the big brewing casks from Hungary.

We were presented with samples of English lager, English dark ale, Wheat ale, Stout, Lemon Grass ale and Belgian ale which apparently was 'malty, fruiter and had a sweeter finish with a hint of coriander and jaggary' - not sure I could taste the complexities and subtleties.

Anyway I did learn a few things - pure trivia but interesting. Apparently many many moons ago in England to brew beer one had to pay a tax called a 'scot'. Many brewers used to avoid this and therefore went 'scot-free' - hence the origin of the phrase. The origin of the word 'berserk' is also beer related. The vikings apparently used to drink huge quantities of beer to brace themselves for battle and got so over excited they would rip their amour and shirts off and go into battle "berserk", which literally translates to bare chest. No idea why a wine aficionado becomes a wine-snob and a beer aficionado becomes a beer-advocate!

To the cooking! This was really impressive. The chef produced the simplest but tastiest food in a matter of minutes. The desert: one banana, a snickers bar, a square of silver foil, a dollop of ice-cream, a sprinkling of some baileys-like liquor, maybe one minute prep and five minutes on the grill and its a master-chef winner! The main - the chicken was also simple and delicious, the alternative some sort of soy concocted burger patty - tasted good but my boys haven't yet evolved to the state of the meatless burger. However, I did see there has been a recent confirmed case of mad cow in California so maybe I should keep the recipe!

Mr Webber rep was in attendance and we all got free Webber hats - complete with B-b-q insignia :

(Title of blog - attributed to the OWC cooking club)

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