Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend in Bangers!

Have been here nearly 18 months and we still don't really have a 'normal' weekend in Bangalore. This is probably because our weekend are not punctuated by kids sporting activities. Neither kid is currently in any extra curricula as its far too hot and the Indian schools are on summer break, so most sports coaches are also taking a break.

At least 3 weeks have elapsed so it was time.....the school orders another haircut.
Return walk home....Ads is not normally phased by stationary or moving cows but this one was apparently giving him an 'odd' look, so I think he gave it one back!
It seems to be sleep-over season and our most frequent nocturnal visitor is 'brother from another mother' from across the street. Breakfast is always on order! Its Saturday morning and my boys are still in their school PE kits - I guess this means they slept in them....
And tis the mango season, so no meal is complete without...
Simon meanwhile has left Vista with his bike to meet up with another Simon, not only origonally from the UK, but also a long term resident of California- small world!
The Simons bike round some of the local villages on this their virgin ride, returning all smiles and mud!

Wills meanwhile disappears for most of the day. Ads has a friend arrive from outside the hood and several arrive from inside and a huge game of tag seems to ensue, followed by computer games until it's time for the daily Vista teen soccer pick up game. Simon and I head out for a civilized cup of coffee (me) and a very uncivilized, unhealthy, huge sort of ice-cream, choc sauce, fruit thing (him). Wills returns for an unscheduled nap (he did change out of yesterday's clothes later - promise!

Our evening has already been documented on FB -but here we go again!! Shubha and I, in our sister clothing are cooking Thai.

Shopped together, both wanted THE dress, so we both bought!! We had a great fun evening. I made Thai chicken curry (thanks AM) and Shubha a vegetable Thai dish. Shubha's banana fritters took the prize.

Sunday, driving out from church, the road is blocked. Something is going on involving paint, floats and statues. Never got to the bottom of this one. Bangalore is series of villages, each of which hangs onto its festivals and celebrations as it becomes incorporated into the city. There is always someone celebrating something - with exuberance and enthusiasm!

Then follows homework....I hate school projects, completely and utterly detest them. I thought Ad's Mission project in 4th grade was the pinnacle of pain. The Mission had to be modeled on an actual Mission in California. It was our first family experience of a hot glue was not pretty! Until recently projects at Indus have been pretty sensible but no longer. Group projects were fine when they could be divided up...But private school equals kids living far and wide and Banger's traffic...yuck. We have had the castle project (3 kids here for a sleepover - they didn't seem to sleep but neither did they finish the castle), the lego house showing 3 types of radiation and 3 types of convection (just afternoon visitors this time) and so on......  This weekend just the french orals to rehearse for. I tested and retested Ads. (Update - transpires french orals are next week!)
Wills projects for the weekend comprise making a musical instrument (overdue) and something to wear for mufti day - which is to celebrate earth day - so something recycled. So with newspaper, cardboard, scissors and tape - tantrums start. Wills is Mr Perfection and image conscious too (if he knew I took this pic he would be furious) so this is not an easy task - too long, too short, too silly, too fragile....... In the end we just cut up a recyclable bag from the grocery store and turn it into a waistcoat and off he goes with backpack and drums (musical instrument project) in bag. So project has turned recyclable bag into non-recycleable bag!?!?!!? Anyway, I was not wise here...power to the moms who had their kids wear hand me downs. Wills has plenty, why didn't I think of that!! Reuse, reduce, recycle!!

Its been pointed out, that as I started this blog last week and finished this, I have muddled my weekends up...but never mind!!

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