Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Swimming for silver (well 3 actually and a bronze!)

Another year, another Indus swim meet. Last year (kindergarten) everyone got a medal. This year winners take all - gold, silver and bronze take the podium and the medals. Last year there were kids with floats to help them, coaches jumping in to propel the exhausted to the finish and some who didn't even get in the water. Full credit to the coaches at Indus - these kids can now swim and swim with style and speed.

The first grade kids had 5 races - 25m freestyle, 25m breast stroke, 16m backstroke, 16m breast stroke and 16m freestyle which at top speed is quite a lot of swimming as most did all 5 races. Not being a good swimmer, hating getting splashed or putting my head under water I thought all the kids did an amazing job.

Wills, his strength and stamina making up for a less than perfect stroke got a collection of medals - 3 silver and a bronze of which he was suitably proud!

It was a truly international event. Above Italy takes gold, US silver and Finland bronze. Could be the Olympics.
Above is Wills with one of his best buds, sadly returning to Finland this summer. The downsides of the ex-pat life - people come and people go! Interesting to note, throughout the whole swim meet the european boys wear the speedos and the Yanks the board shorts, not sure what that said, if anything, about the different countries and their cultures!
The teachers also had a swim race. The wonderful Miss Shreya, Will's first grade teacher is on the left in blue. At the other side is Miss Monita the equally wonderful head of PYP (Primary year program).

But has Wills changed since this time last year - in personality? yes, in looks? I'm not so sure. Green swim shorts last year, brown this.

But sometimes I catch a look which maybe gives a flash of what he may look like in the years to come. Here, waiting and watching.

Mustn't forget Ads, poor soul, taking a math exam while Wills was in the water. The other day he dragged from his backpack a certificate for taking first place in the 7th grade Indus math olympiad and another for 100% in an International Science standard for private schools. Wills picking up medals, Ads certificates - good job boys!!

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  1. You forgot to mention how good looking they both are too. ;-) Both super boys!