Sunday, May 6, 2012

Speeding Ticket for Simon!!

As I have the family record for speeding violations I have to have some fun when Simon picks one up. It is safe to say he will have the most tickets (even if it is just 1) from our time in India as I don't drive! So I am going to enjoy this!!

On Sunday mornings the roads are relatively clear in Bangalore so it is just about possible to speed. As in all countries, the experienced speed police find the best point to ply their trade. This one just round a bend on a very rare for Bangalore -  three lane, non speed bump, non pothole strip of road. These uniformed guys are definitely having a bonanza as once we have parked to pay up we are almost boxed in by the other offenders as they are pulled over.

Anyway, we pull over, the police officer comes over and Simon produces the necessary paperwork.

Surprisingly the process is a model of efficiency. India is such a melee of the ultra efficient and the "takes forever and is never done properly" syndrome, we are pleasantly surprised when we come across the former.

The police officer plugs our car license plate number into a little hand held, the size of an i-phone, and up comes our car's past history of brush ins with the law (one parking ticket and two speeding fines courtesy of our first driver). Simon then asks for evidence of his speeding. 'Camera Sir,' policeman said. 'Evidence' Simon replies. 'One minute,' policeman said as he disappears. To our amazement he reappears promptly with a printed pic of our car with details of time, location and speed. All of 66km/h in a 60km/h zone! Anyway we cough up our fine, 300Rs ($7) and are on our way.

Pretty impressive!

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