Thursday, May 24, 2012

If you go down to Lalbaugh today.........

Yes - it was picnic time - no teddy bears but great company and yummy food. (Simon and I obviously had different upbringings as he didn't get the Teddy's Bear's picnic reference...or maybe it's a bit obscure!!)

This being the age of social networking - invites, directions etc. all came to us via Facebook. A huge thanks to K and S for the inspiration, the organization, not to mention the quiche and custard.....

This was our first 'Indian' style picnic in India.  Essentially means a higher quantity and quality of food  than picnics we have experienced in both the UK  (soggy cheese and tomato sandwiches with a limp lettuce leaf if you are lucky!) or the US (take out from Subway). But everything from biryani to home-made quiche, choley to chocolate, fresh fruit and custard (yeah!!!!!) - you get the picture! In UK/US we as a family, rarely seem to picnic for picnics sake. We may picnic while we are listening to music (fond memories of Music in Graystone park), because we are camping or  because we are somewhere where there is no alternative - out geocaching etc. but not since I was a kid have I been picnicking for the pleasure of picnicking.

As Wills was at a Birthday bowling party and had to be picked up and either join us at the picnic or go home, it seemed quite reasonable to ask at what time Indian picnics finish. But it transpired that was not a sensible question drawing both raised eyebrows and incredulous looks! It'll finish when it finishes. But of course!!

Lots of chat and laughter, with both established friends and new folks. To watch the guys and gals at play is quite a study in gender differences.

The guys put the world to rights (what is in those paper cups?!?!?!)
and then had to do something with all that testosterone and pretend to work off those calories, soccer ball and cricket bats at the ready.
The little menfolk either joined in with the big guys or did likewise close by:

And as for the girls - the big ones talked and talked,
And then we talked some more.....
The beautiful younger set of females followed suit:
So, that's my study of the difference between the sexes - it starts at an early age!! Girls will be girls and boys will be boys!!!

As to picnicking, we now know how to do it in style!

Had to add this pic of Ads and Shubha - 2 of my best people!!

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