Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dandiya the night away!

Big problem here - trying to better my last year title for Dandiya Night - "Chicks with Sticks". Best offer probably  was "Chicks with Sticks - the Stickuel" (play on Sequel...) but I thought a bit obscure and I wasn't sure how best to spell "stickuel". Adam suggested "En guarde" but as I thought that was maybe a thinly veiled insult on my prowess with my sticks I gave that one a miss.

Dandyia night second time around! I am beginning to think second time around is maybe optimal. When I was one of the worlds workers and spent some time involved in training I used to think the second time I gave any presentation was the best. The first time is virgin territory and after seeing the audience react bits can be chopped and changed. The second time is still new enough to get the adrenaline going and is of course now modified to perfection, or as near as it's going to be!! The third time it all feels a bit old hat and its hard to be so enthusiastic.

Anyway my second Dandiya night a la Vista. Last years blog covers the history and story behind these dancing women with weapons. This year I was (thanks to Shubha) dressed the part, however with all the fun and action, never got a full length picture. Infact due to a small accident (british understatement) with my camera lens (which has now been at the Cannon service center for 12 days without even an estimate, just a series of "tomorrow ma'am" phone calls and we leave for Goa in 4 days....) none of my pics are very good.  But I have tried to capture the color and movement as the women of vista danced the night away. Dancing dandiya style was definitely easier than last year as I knew the parameters....when to fit in to click with some one else's sticks (the tricky bit) and when to be freestyle (much easier!!)

The DJ also played Bollywood muzak and of course the biggest current hit, thanks to Chris Gayle and the rest of the Windies celebrating their world cup T20 win, we got to dance Gangnam style! I'm a real fan of Mr Gayle so had to include a pic of him doing his stuff!
Maybe we weren't as proficient as The Man and his team but we tried our best! 
The kids, well Wills and his buds had a blast running around the 'hood but hide and seek in the dark was more attractive than dancing - even tho' Wills is pretty good Gangum style!

Ads and the teenagers: apparently they did hit the dance floor once the grown-ups had baled...now if I had been lurking behind a door/pillar with my camera then..... Ads got back home when the rest of us were safe in bed.......that was a first!

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  1. I'm sorry I missed it! I particularly liked the effect of the blurred photo. What fun!