Sunday, October 14, 2012

Varanasi - the last post....(so it'll probably be a long one!!).

I can't leave Varanasi behind without a blog devoted to the labyrinth of little alleyways in the old town.

So narrow but so full of people - the locals, the pilgrims, a few tourists, the beggars, the holy men, the kids.............
The kids are so incredibly beautiful and there are oh so many smiles. This girl was positively jaunty as she went about her chores! She obviously comes from "the have very little" side of town but that doesn't seem to  dull the spring in her step! So unaware of the commercialism that haunts our 'have and want yet more" kids. Living in India has been such a huge experience for my kids in so many different directions. I really hope they maintain the social awareness/conscience they have developed over here for a long, long time and the images of the poverty they see around them on a daily basis stays with them for ever. That they will not only be grateful for what they have but also aware that personal wealth does not guarantee happiness. Global wealth and prosperity is what is important.

These kids, if born into another town, another country, who knows what their futures would hold.....a lot easier  to pursue their dreams in the West maybe but at some price no doubt.

Although the streets are so narrow - it is a hive of activity, each and everyone going about their business....well not quite everyone:
Along the side of the alleyways are shops and shops. There's never far between each chai stop:

Even the walls and doorways have stories to tell (tho I am told that in the photography world "doors" are passé  - everyone has been there and shot that - but I've always been a bit backward fashion wise..)
Or maybe I am just nosy and like to try and see life inside.....
Also time to experiment with a little cool, blue 'tungstun' light balance...I"m getting to know some of the tricks of the trade now!!
The pilgrims coming from far and wide, the streets looked an endless tide, one we always seemed to be fighting against!
But everyone always had time to smile...
We obviously stood out but didn't seem a disruption to those intent on their business, whether it be reading the buzz......

or 'meditating' with that far off look in one's eyes......
So life moves on and more adventures to blog, so time to bid farewell to both Varanasi and the Ganga. A huge thanks again to Photography on the Move, to Supriya and Gobi for showing us a Varanasi we never would have seen and not been able to digitalize so convincingly without. And also thanks to my gal friends from Bangers with whom I shared an experience never to be forgotten!!  And finally, last but not least, thanks to my boys back home, who seemed to have had a blast without me, for the 5 day pass!


  1. Loved how you kept an eye out for the storytelling angle in our trip. Great post!

  2. It is a great post and I like they way you've included your 'tungsten' shot images, as suggested! ;)