Sunday, April 21, 2013

Leadership Summit - for the not so little

Leadership summits span the entire school even down to the preschool. Again the logistics get lost in a certain amount of chaos and communication with parents is a tad late but the show itself was pretty good.

The kids managed to remain calm as the power did the usual Indian dance.....flicker, flicker, on, off, flicker and the sound came and went. The only criticism I have is that the speeches did not all sound as if written by the minds of an eight year old but came with a lot of heavy editing by minds more mature.

Wills was in the choir and got a front row slot. Normally being tall he is a back row boy but this time as he can hold a tune got a microphone position - much better to photograph. It looks like the back couple of rows have forgotten the words as no one is singing but not the case, just the front row sang the verses.

As with Ad's summit - seeing all the kids in their formals sort of makes the morning hassles and agro worthwhile. Though easy to say that now it has been deemed too hot (and boy it is hot!) for formals until hopefully the end of this school year!

The theme of this summit was equality which was conceptually a good one for the younger kids - simple to understand but a huge lesson. This is a country with so much economic inequality which is in your face day in, day out. Its such an opportunity for them to drill down below what they see from their car/bus windows and actually be check by jowl with kids they usually wouldn't mix with and see differences are only an accident of birth. They having been doing a variety of events with IICS - Indus International Community School -which is a school on the campus for local village kids. The IICS students came with them on their day at camp and they have also done some art projects together.

Even though only a couple of speeches were presented on the day, all the kids had to prepare one. In his speech Wills came up with a few instances where the IICS students had taught him stuff - they were good with animals at farm at the camp. Also, when he had been scared to do something at the camp they had encouraged him. He concluded IICs students and Indus students were in essence the same. Simple lessons but oh so important.

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