Monday, April 22, 2013

They come and they go.....

Ex-pats that is. Its the nature of the beast.

I have recently lost two good buddies - both returning to places where I will hopefully see them again but both departing before their time was up. And a few more of my Bangalore besties are pulling out this summer. I am so lucky to have my long term best friend across the street - and hopefully she is not going anywhere!

It's a little strange in the ex-pat world - friendships are made fast and furious. A bit like speed dating maybe. There's a necessity to cut to the chase. Expats obviously have one thing in common -  we are all away from home turf but that aside we come in many shapes and sizes. There are avid travelers, hands on volunteers, lunchers, shoppers, photographers, writers, tennis players, golfers, cooks - we are a mixed bag. But here we cannot spend years nodding to each other, then eventually muttering 'hows it going' and a few years later nervously suggesting a shared coffee....too late, potential friend may have moved to pastures new - literally.

I found this great expat blog and the author captures this exactly.

However, not many ex-pats in India catch buses - but that's one thing friend C and I had in common, an urge for adventure - Ok its all relative - we didn't exactly scale Everest but we did venture off the beaten. So with C's sudden, unfortunate and very sad departure I am minus a bus buddy! This is C on our last bus ride together - not happy I was taking her pic - far too tourist - not that we don't stand out some in any case!! C does put me to shame as she speaks some Kannada which the locals love including my driver!

This was one of our favorite places to eat and subject of a little misunderstanding. Purander's English is very good but once C and I were in our car and asked Purander to take us to Corner House (said food joint) but Purander drove off in the wrong direction - to 'Connie's House'

 So on our last lunch we returned to Corner House, on our way to Connie's House, and had our favorite behl puri and milk shake - not a well known combination!

On leaving Corner House and taking a short cut, the scenic route, to the bus stop we somehow got off course, off the beaten and my enduring memory of my great friend is us on our last little adventure!!

Will miss you Connie - big time!!

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