Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pondicherry part 2 - Auroville - the town of human unity.

Just north of Pondi is the universal town of Auroville. It is based on the ideals of Sri Aurobindo, whose ashram we had previously visited in Pondi.  The project was driven by this character called "The Mother". I never quite worked out who she was and why her picture and words kept cropping up around the ashram and Auroville.

I also didn't quite work out whether I thought the town was an enlightened inspirational idea, a hippy hangout for those running away from real life or a bit of a money spinner (when I'd seen the price of items in their boutiques!)

The town belongs to no-one but to humanity as a whole. To live in Auroville you need to be a willing servitor of the divine consciousness but you must not have a religion. This led to some debate in our family as to what constitutes a religion and whether or not this last sentence is a contradiction in terms. We didn't resolve this one and I think gave up trying!

 Auroville is also a place of unending education, constant progress and a youth that never ages. It wants to be a bridge between the past and the future taking advantage of all discoveries from within and without, boldly springing towards future realizations.

While I admire the concept of all living in unity - the details of a life in Auroville were perhaps a little too out there for me.

The center of the town is the Matrimandir which is supposed to be a symbol of the divines answer to man's inspiration for perfection. Only those in search of their own consciousness can enter.

Well it looked pretty spectacular in a star wars kind of way. Not sure if the boys are trying to figure it all out or just having a rest!

In all an interesting, thought provoking, conversation raising trip!

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