Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Belated Happy Independence Day to all my Indian friends at home or abroad.

Today (it was today when I stated writing this!) marks India's 66th (I think I did the math right) Independence Day and our 3rd in India. The flexibility of IST (Indian stretchable time) and the general  never here but will be "coming Ma'am" state of being seems to all but disappear when it comes to Independence Day maters. The Ozone celebration (much like the Vista one but bigger) was scheduled to start at 9.30 am and did just that!

The open field was decorated in the green, saffron and white and security dressed smartly albeit slightly  un synchronized in their march by.

The flag was opened by the neighborhood elders. I do love the respect given to one's olders and betters here in India.

 The flag raised high and the wind co-operative so I could get a picture......

the kids resumed the a day of freedom from school - but also in Wills case a true freedom fighter from a homework recall from the British (parents)!


  1. Hi! From another expatfamily - in Mumbai! I enjoy reading your posts- and we also met Sri Sri - he stayed at our neighbors:-) Check out my blog to:-) best:-)

  2. I read your blog and i am surprised. Hope you will feel home in India.

    In India, only those foreigner treated as foreigner who act like foreigner.