Friday, August 16, 2013

Indus - make your mind up!!!

In some of my blogs and when chatting to prospective parents about Indus I have always said that Indus is great I think for MY kids, has given them both the support and opportunities they have needed over the last couple of years. My two niggles have been Ads and the hair issues and the communication with parents, which frustrates me and not the kids, so I try and ignore them both.

The communication with parents was taken to new levels yesterday. Yesterday was Indian Independence day (blog to follow!!) and also a Korean festival so 4th grade and up were bused into school to mark the dual events. Third grade and below had a holiday.

For Ads, Habba day seemed to involve raiding my wallet, hanging out with his friends listening to music and getting a touch of sunburn. Anyway once he was home and at about 5.00pm the school decided.........

In view of  all the hard work and dedication to make Habba a grand success by students / teachers and as tomorrow is Varamahalakshmi the south Indian and important festival of  Karnataka. The school has declared a holiday tomorrow 16th Aug 2013.

Rather late notice, kids are happy, not sure about the Moms - kids have been back less than 2 weeks.... time to make plans/change plans.

However within the hour the position had changed...........

In the last two hours we have received a number of mails and messages, expressing the inconvenience that the declaration of a holiday at such short notice has caused. We regret the same and we have decided to inform you that the decision has been revoked. We will work tomorrow and buses will ply as usual.

We thank each one of you for your response and we understand what each one of you has expressed. 

What!!!!!!!!...........time to make plans/ change plans again........

Earlier in the week the school had had an impromptu assembly to celebrate the fact that Indus has for the second year running been given the status of number one school in India. Not sure what the criteria were or who the presiding organization is, but don't think this late decision making, about turning and bending to the will of the loudest parents can be part of what makes a school number 1 in its country. So Indus if you want to stay top dog I think a little more professionalism is required!

Anyway the holiday given, the holiday taken away didn't seem to bother the kids who set off quite happily as usual.  So I am really back to where I started. Indus, Indus, you keep my kids happy and give them a good, full education, but please can you now try and keep me happy as well. The school year is yet young, plenty of time for improvement!!

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