Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's confusing!!!

One day last week I had two visitors from San Jose, California which was absolutely wonderful. Both dear dear friends. One the Mom of Will's first best friend, the first friend he found for himself at pre-school. The other the Mom of one of Ad's best elementary school buddies.

Doesn't sound confusing....... but they are both Indian, tho long time US reisdents and to be visiting me in India seems a bit upside down! Bit like Ads going back to California and visiting with the Chopras and the Shankars. The world is definitely shrinking or at least the bit we move in!!

Anu and Beena it was soooooo wonderful to see you both. Thanks so much for coming by!!

I sometimes wonder if this "to"ing and "fro"ing, people in one place then the other, me dragging the kids to my homeland and expecting them to feel some affiliation to a country they have never lived in etc etc is  not totally confusing and bewildering. When I put this question to Ads he said "when I'm in England I feel at home, when I'm in US I feel at home, when I'm in India I feel at home" - long may that last. Wherever he lays his hat (in his case his fedora) it's his home!!

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  1. That's awesome Helen! Adam sure seemed at home with James and Catherine here - it's as if when he comes back, they just pick up where they left off. I asked James a bunch of questions about what Adam's been up to in India, figuring they had been up all night talking but seems they just talk about the here and now, lol! No problem with the kids living in the present moment! I will need to find a way to come visit - James is totally keen for a bit of travel, and let us know if you make it out this way, miss you!!